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Clearly Herbal unique formulation has been proven to help treat and prevent Diaper / nappy rash. The unique formulation used helps to Heal, Sooth & Protect the skin. The Tea Tree oil acts as a natural
antiseptic while the Aloe Vera helps to moisturise and sooth the affected area. Our formulation allows the skin to breath while providing a protective film for the skin.

What Is Diaper / Nappy Rash
What Causes Nappy Rash
How To Treat Diaper / Nappy Rash

What Is Diaper / Nappy Rash
Nappy rash is a red rash, or sore area, that affects skin under or around a baby's nappy. The skin may become red and very sore and in severe cases the skin may blister and crack. Nappy rash can develop into a fungal infection (thrush), if left untreated the rash can spread all around the nappy area and onto the legs and abdomen.
What Causes Nappy Rash

The cause of nappy rash is the skin being kept wet along with the chemical irritation of ammonia, produced by stale urine. This has the effect of breaking down the protective barrier normally formed by the skin, causing redness and rawness (inflammation) and allowing germs of various types to attack. The most common infection to complicate the ammonia-like irritation is thrush (Candida). In this event, the rash often has clusters or red spots around the margins of the main red area. Other germs (bacteria) can also infect the area. It follows that the longer wet or soiled nappies are left in contact with the baby's skin, the more likely nappy rash is to develop. Some babies' skin is, however, much more sensitive than others.

Other Factors

If you use reusable cloth nappies, the detergent or softener used in the wash might remain in the toweling even after a full wash cycle. Babies with sensitive skin may react to even minute amounts of chemicals, especially if they contain a “biological” additive.

• Clearly Herbal Baby Wipes have been proven to help prevent nappy rash as they contain a natural
antiseptic and moisturiser. Using them allows the skin to breath while providing a protective film for
the skin.

• Change babies nappy when it is wet or soiled. It may be as often as every hour in a new born.

• When possible, allow the baby to lie in a warm environment without a nappy for a while,
before putting on another one.

• If your baby seems to have generally sensitive skin, think again about what you can do to reduce
contact with anything that might upset this, e.g. detergents and conditioners, soaps, certain elastics
and fabrics etc.

How To Treat Diaper / Nappy Rash
• Use Clearly Herbal Natural Baby wipes to clean the nappy area at every nappy change. The wipes
will help to sooth, heal and protect the skin – DO NOT USE BARRIER CREAM.

• Keep the nappy area as clean and dry as possible. Try to change nappies as soon as they become

• When possible, let your baby be without a nappy for a few hours each day to let the skin become
exposed to dry air.

• In more severe cases of nappy rash, your doctor may prescribe anti fungal cream,
depending on the cause of the rash.

Persistent nappy rash problems can come as a result of sensitivity to agents used in washing toweling nappies, and it is worth avoiding anything containing biological ingredients, and trying a double rinse cycle.

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